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T4S born from a crazy ambition: Change everything!

It is on the terrace of a café in Lille that we, Valérie and Sylvain, with our professional experiences - HRD and professional Coach, for one and, Manager of a consulting and training organization for the other - observations, under a radiant sun, 🌞 that the words which resonate in companies today are still the same as after the war: Productivity, Profitability, Competitiveness ... 😥

Painful observation: the world is changing quickly, the company is growing, Man is adapting to progress. And despite everything, there is often a loss of reference and efficiency ...

But how would one do otherwise ? 🧐

Change Us!

It is obvious, we must reverse the situation: Make people grow, change our companies in a world that will adapt to progress with Us!

So without hesitation, our company is HUMAN!

Change yourself!

Women and Men are the central parts of the Company and they are the ones who set the pace! They are its Added Value, its Specialists, its Differences, its History for tomorrow!

It is up to everyone to discover and promote Talents!

Let's change everything!

To build our ambitious project, we will have to match the Company and its employees. So to write the new score for our organizations: let's catch our breath together and meet, "the break is also part of the music!" (S. SWEIG)


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